Naked and Accountable

Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.
Genesis 2:25 NIV

Naked and no shame. In reading this marriage devotional it says the word naked is being used to mean “To be exposed”.

This is from the devotional:
This is what makes intimacy on every level possible in marriage. When you are truly “naked” without shame in marriage, you can share your lives with each other.

So what if your not as God designed in your marriage?

The good news is this—couples can find their way back. It begins as you take responsibility for your actions and apologize for any damaging behavior. As you both do this, you will create an atmosphere of purity in your relationship.

To keep the purity in your relationship, you must be careful in how you treat each other. You also must monitor your words, attitudes, and actions to make sure you don’t become sloppy and take each other for granted. When you make a mistake, apologize quickly. This is the only way.

As you see taking responsibility and monitor yourself and dont take the other for granted. How would you feel if you left things unsaid and the Lord decides your loved one needs to be with him. Dont wait start today to be who God designed you to be. Amen.

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